How to start remodeling a Bathroom

How to start remodeling a Bathroom

How to start remodeling a Bathroom

You might feel that your bathroom has the potential to be more than the way it is when it comes to design. There are a number of great designs that will ensure that once the bathroom renovation is completed it will spruce up your home altogether.

A bathroom remodeling would not cost that much, unless you want a lot to be demolished and put in place. Some simple makeover design does not even cost that much and are priced just as any renovation work in the home.

Before kick-staring on any bathroom renovation, you should mark a checklist just to be on the safe side. For one, you should be aware of the cost of the whole bathroom remodeling task, the time available and the schedule. The schedule helps avoid dealing with getting stuck at a particular point of the whole bathroom remodeling job.

You should also be on the lookout if your bathroom is quite old as this will present some challenges when you want something new installed. Other issues like the size of the bathroom as well as the plumbing work should also be considered before starting the bathroom renovation process.

The steps

The first step while starting remodeling your bathroom is demolishing any fixtures that you will want to be replaced. If you would want the drywall replaced, then you should take it out. The toilet might need to be drained or removed altogether in order to avoid unpleasant spills when the work is going on.

If you have to take out the bathtub, you should ensure that the tub is covered up and the bath tile is removed up to the studs. This is because the plumbing work will need to be redone to fit the new design you are going for.

When it comes to the insulation on the walls, you should avoid using a hammer as it can be quite disastrous. Instead go for a saw that you will use to cut out the panels. This will get the task completed easily without causing too much destruction while you are on it.

The sink might just be the trickiest part of this task. This is because it is probably connected to the wall and has a water pipe connected to it too. Taking it out might need you to call a plumber who is well versed with the way the sink is connected, otherwise, you might damage some aspects of the whole bathroom greatly.

If you would wish to replace the cabinets, mirrors or floor tiles in your bathroom, you should have them taken out. This is an important preparation that should be done prior to installing anything new to the bathroom.

The next step is the installation of the new fixtures. There are a number of designs that you can choose from, you just have to ensure that they match with the type of plumbing work you have. before placing the new bathtub or shower you should check for rot in the system and take care of it to avoid complications in future.

You might need a spacious dumpster to dispose of what has been demolished. The removed bathtub as well as the tiles that have been removed cannot be just disposed anywhere as this will not be environmental friendly.

To some it up

Bathroom remodeling can seem to be an easy task to get done on your own but it can be quite tricky. A well-qualified and experienced contractor is needed to accomplish the work. This is especially because there are a lot of tasks involved, like the plumbing job which can be quite tricky if you do not know your way around the plumbing system.


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